Freddy Dahl - Never - 2016 - 90/00/10/20s - NACD367

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Freddy Dahl is a Norwegian musician, singer, songwriter, guitarist and record producer. He is best known as vocalist and guitarist in the rock band Junipher Greene from 1969 to December 1972 and for a short period in 1973 to help the band after Helge Grøslie quit. In 2008, he was again in the band when large parts of the original line-up were reunited, and has since played several concerts. He was a member of the rock band Ruphus for a period in 1974 and later visited Saluki, George Keller Band, Holm CPU, NRI, Chipahua, Repeat Repeat and Mulen's Portland Combo. During the 80s he collaborated with Maj Britt Andersen under the name Mabben Max and Fred Avsted. The collaboration resulted in the children's record Have you heard it? which was nominated for the Spellemannprisen 1985 in the category children's records. He was awarded the Gammleng prize in 2021 in the musician class. In 2016, his very first record on his own, Never, came out. Here he had with him Annette Dorothy from Flava To The Bone, Fredrik Moeller Ellingsen (Unni Wilhelmsen), Martin Hystad and not least the legendary line of brass consisting of Torbjørn Sunde, Jens Petter Antonsen and Morten Halle. Sometimes it's soul, other times more in the direction of the west coast. But a lovely, and overlooked masterpiece by one of the country's guitar gods.

1 Too Much

2 Silky Sky

3 Up or Down

4 Like Forever

5 Lovelight

6 May This Be Love

7 The End of the Line

8 Your Room

9 Mission Impossible

10 Trouble

11 Do You Really Love Her

12 Riverboat

13 Real Things

14 Never

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