FREAKSHOW - A Reason Worth Dying For –The 1993 Demo Session (RONCD003)

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The band Freakshow was formed in Kristiansand in 1992 by former members from the groups Frenzy, Eternity and Seventh Seal. Within about half a year, the band had found its final line-up with Erik Bjorvand (vocals), Robert Wilhelmsen (guitar), Bernt Moen (keyboards), Per Elias Drabløs (bass) and Mike Moen (drums), and in January 1993 the band in the studio to record their own material at Agder Lydproduksjon in Arendal. The resulting nine songs were released on cassette, which was available for purchase in local record stores. Freakshow eventually also went to London to market themselves with this demo, but were not caught by the record companies. Shortly after a last concert in their hometown in June of the same year, Bernt and Mike Moen quit to further their education in music in the USA, and the band disbanded as a result.

Freakshow returned with this nine songs of particularly good musical and production technical quality. The band played energetic and well-arranged music with a wide range from melodious hard rock via AOR to a ballad and modern prog rock, always with catchy melodies at the fore. This Rock Of Norway release via C+C Records includes four bonus songs in concert version, a band biography written by Yngve Moum Jacobsen (, as well as lyrics and band photos. The master tape has been found, and is, as usual, handled with silk gloves by Giert Clausen at Fersk Lyd.

1 Red Hot Love 2 Be As One 3 Reasons Worth Dying For 4 By Your Side 5 A Place In Your Heart 6 Sex Machine 7 Reach Out 8 Judgment Day 9 Sweet Talking 10 You Should Have Known Girl [live] 11 To Hell And Back [live] 12 How Long [live] 13 Let's Make It Happen [live]

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