Four Roosters - Roosters Blues - 1983 - Blues/Country - NACD146

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Four Roosters was established in 1981 and closed in 1984. They were a Swedish-Norwegian blues group, consisting of Knut Reiersrud guitar, Sven Zetterberg vocals and harmonica, Carsten Loly drums, and Bertil Petterson bass. Later, Norwegian Jan Erik Salater/Jørun Bøgeberg bass, Sigurd Køhn saxophone and Torbjørn Sunde trombone were added. The group released Rooster Blues (produced by Jon Larsen, Hot Club Records, recorded November 1982). The record became very popular, and for almost everyone, an abrupt career start. Norwegian vocalist Kristin Berglund and organist Per Notini also took part. The music was also released in England on (Red Lightning, 1988). After disbanding (1984), the group was mainly continued as Heavy Gentlemen (1984–88), with Bøgeberg/Køhn/Sunde/Loly/Reiersrud plus Paolo Vinaccia percussion, Bendik Hofseth saxophone, Geir Wentzel piano and Ivar Vereide on guitar.

1 Doing The Dishes
2 In Can't Stop
3 Snake In My Bedroom
4 Lonely Nights On The Southside
5 These Bitter Tears
6 In Cry The Blues
7 Barefoot Rock
8 I Remember The Howling Wolf
9 Married Women's Boogie
10 Bad Luck Love

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