Four Jets - Langspillplate 1977 - 1977 - 70s - NACD302

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Pop orchestra from Trøndelag. Started as the Shadows band in 1963, continued as a rock band inspired by the Beatles and the Hollies, became known as a big band that could interpret any international hit with impressive precision, and ended up as a dance band with audiences throughout the Nordics. There have been a number of members in the group throughout, but Jens Petter Søreng has been the prime mover throughout the band's career.

Ørnulf Holthe from Gluntan was the producer for the record Langspillplate 1977. The group now sang exclusively in Norwegian. The song "Hilsen fra en venn" is one of the band's biggest hits.


1 Swiss Lady

2 Hilsen fra en venn

3 Fengselsrock

4 Tico tico

5 Torn Between Two Lovers

6 Hotell Norge

7 Kjærlighets-gondolen

8 Aille mainn på plass

9 Sol

10 Antirøyker

11 Angela

12 Bare bekjenn

13 Trøndelag

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