Folque - Vardøger - 1977 – 70s - NACD293

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Vardøger is a music album by Folque, released in 1977. The album was produced by Nils B. Kvam and was released on CD in 1999. Folque counted Week days for its masterpiece when it came, but in retrospect Trond Øverland's bass playing, which was the pulse that previously drove the group forward, is missed. Vardøger was the group's most well-arranged record, and Lisa Helljesen and Trond Villa continue to excel. Even though Trond Øverland had left the group, he played piano and recorder on the album. However, Vardøger did not sell well and was the reason why record company Phonogram lost faith in Folque.


1 No har jonsoknatta komme

2 Rei'ar med buttulen

3 Fanteguten

4 Æ'kje gutane

5 Felerier

6 Beiarblakkjen

7 Dansevise

8 Heming og gyvri

9 Gjevre-valsen

10 Varulv

11 Sæterreise

  1. «Sæterreise»
  2. «Heimreise»

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