Folque - Kjempene på Dovrefjell – 1975 – 70-tallet – NACD254

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FOLQUE – KJEMPENE PÅ DOVREFJELL (1975) Kjempene på Dovrefjell is the second album by the folk rock group Folque. The album was recorded between 11 and 15 August, in 1975, in Rosenborg Studios, with Øystein Sunde as producer. The album was released the same year. Illustrations are made by Livi Due.[1] The giants on Dovrefjell are considered to be Folke's best LP. [citation needed] With Lars Helljesen on electric guitar and Morten Jakobsen on drums, the time as a vice group was definitely over. The Kjempene crew only stayed together for less than a year. The rhythm group with Lars Helljesen (guitar), Morten Jacobsen (drums). and Trond Øverland (bass) gave the music a driving basis, and with soloists such as Lisa Helljesen and Trond Villa this resulted in some of the best in Norwegian folk rock. The group themselves considered "Heming and King Harald" to be the best track on the album.

1 Stev

2 Jarlen av Murray

3 Halling

4 Heming og Harald kongjen

5 Eg vil ingjen spelemann ha

Huldra og Elland 

6 Guten Va' Trøytt

7 Huldre-Kve

8 Inn Kom'n Tore

9 Herr Verner I Fangetårnet

10 Den Gode Grønne Skogen

11 Bruregangar

12 Kjempene På Dovrefjell

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