Folque - Folque - 1974 - Pop/Rock - NACD191

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Folque is the debut album of the Norwegian folk music group Folque, released in 1974. The album was recorded in Rosenborg Studios from 21 to 24 October. The album was produced by Øystein Sunde. The group first recorded a demo in Øystein Sunde's basement, then Sunde took the tape with him to Phonogram, and the album was released the same year. Folque's debut album shows the transition from vice group to folk rock band. Although there was electric guitar on a couple of tracks (Jørn Jensen, Trond Villa and Øystein Sunde), and the group was helped in the studio by drummer Thor Andreassen, there was still a long way to go. Some of the songs are taken from Steeleye Span and Pentangle, but the group is heading towards a separate repertoire built on Norwegian ballads and fiddle tunes. "Reinlender" with Trond Villa as soloist and with Trond Øverland's bass riff, was to become the group's most famous song - in the repertoire throughout Folque's lifetime.

1 Skjøn Jomfru

2 Ravnene

3 Springar

4 Sjugur Og Trollbrura

5 Nissedans

6 Harpa

7 Sinclairvise

8 Reinlender

9 Allison Gross

10 Steffa Går Til Seljord

11 Reven Og Bjørnen

12 Heimatlåta

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