Fire Fæle Fyrer - FFF - 1989 - 80-tallet – NACD337

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Fire fæle fyrer was a post-punk band started in Oslo 1986 by Nils (Petter) Aune from Trondheim (gtr, born 1964, ex-Hastverk, Betong Hysteria, Svart Framtid, Kafka Prosess), Ivar Berge (bs, born 1966, also Ørkernvandrerne) and Tom Trussel (trm, aka Michael Krohn, born 1959, ex-Kjøtt, also Raga Rockers). Aune and Krohn knew each other from their time in The Love Deniers, and Aune invited Trussel along to his new idea. The idea was to realize a band founded on what Aune experienced as the substance of the album Highway To Hell - to purify AC/DC's riff package with pump bass and flat drums, while the guitar riffs anticipated the prelude to the 1'er in the beat pattern. In the same year that FFF started, Aune also joined Raga Rockers as rhythm guitarist, where he remained until 2009. Fire Fæle Fyrer built up a solid live reputation, not least because of Berg's energetic stage show. They balanced on a knife's edge between appearing as an arrogant, roaring rock monster and the banality of an over-the-top macho-pubertal appearance. In 1989 they moved into Svein Solberg's new premises, Warehouse studio, in Chr. Kroghsgate, with Eystein Hopland as technician. Intence Music, the company of Raga Rockers, poured 50,000 into the production and released the album in 1990. The album FFF was well received and in the aftermath the record has been given a solid classic stamp.

1 Mean Man

2 Whole Lot Of Nerve

3 Bike

4 Living Under Pressure

5 Sorrow

6 I Spit On Your Grave

7 Night Fight Right

8 Ruler

9 We All Need You

10 Don't Have To Watch Me Cry

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