Filmmusikk - Himmel og helvete 1969 – Film music NACD042

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The soundtrack to the cult film Himmel og helvete from 1969 has, with the exception of a small edition on vinyl in 2018, never been previously released. The film may not have been the success the filmmakers hoped for, but the music for the film was written by Egil Monn-Iversen and recorded with well-known Norwegian names such as Terje Rypdal, Jan Garbarek and Inger Lise Rypdal.


1 Heaven And Hell

2 Pythagoras

3 Zatek's Theme

4 Club

5 The Vigelandspark

6 Zatek's Theme 2

7 Meeting With Hash

8 Østerdalgate Blues

9 Freakout

10 Heaven And Hell (Instrumental)


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