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Blackout is a Norwegian thriller film from 1986, directed by Erik Gustavson. The film is about the ex-private detective Werner, played by Henrik Scheele and is a Norwegian crime film in the film noir tradition. The film is also referred to as a melancholic thriller. The film won two awards at the Amanda Prize 1986. It was also nominated in the categories of best Norwegian cinema, best male lead (Henrik Scheele) and best original music (Øistein Boassen and Morten Halle). Øistein Boassen is 50% of the band Boastein, while Morten Halle is known from jazz bands such as Oslo 13, Cutting Edge, Halle's comet, Magnetic North Orchestra and Søyr, just to name a few. In addition to them, Tommy Körberg (vocals), Henrik Scheele (vocals), Edvard Askeland (bass), Tor Mathisrud (bass), Rune Klakegg (keyboards), Frank Jakobsen (drums), Svein Christiansen (drums), Hege Rimestad (violin). , Jens Petter Antonsen (trumpet), Svein Gjermundrød (trumpet), Arne Frang (saxophone), Rune Nicolaysen (saxophone), Rolf Malm (saxophone, clarinet), Torbjørn Sunde (trombone) and Amund Enger, Lynni Treekrem and Nina Askeland on choir .

1 Blackout

2 China-Town

3 The Set Up

4 Stella's Theme

5 Vanishing Lady

6 Werner's Theme

7 Alla vita

8 China-House

9 Smell of Suspicion

10 The Chase

11 Private Eye

12 Werner's Theme II

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