Famlende forsøk - Scrap Material – 1985 – K-Z - NACD369

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Pioneers in Norwegian industrial, electronic and experimental music. Started in 1981 by Lumpy Davy (Dave Jørgensen) and Brt (Robert Ommundsen), and in 1982 became ChrispH. (Hans Petter Ristøl) with. Scrap Material was Famlende Forsøk's second album. It came out in 1985, a year later AEn overraskende Måte Hvorpå Man Kaster En Person Over Ende. «Forvirring og Strid», «Slukk Lyset» and "Lovsang" were completely new songs. "Herren", "Kutt opp kutt inn" and "Hansa Hymne" were older songs. An earlier version of "Herren" had been released on compilation cassette Angst Und Freundschaft in 1982 as a solo Brt song. Slukk lyset has been played live on several occasions in recent years, most recently at the Sprø Musikk festival on 5 March 2022. Lovsang is also a song that has had a further life in Famlende Forsøk. The rhythm track and the guitar were used as the basis for "Zen Bop", which was released on Døve Munker Ut Av Norsk Industri in 1986. When the album was restored for vinyl release in 2021, the song was equipped with an organ part and parts of the rhythms were reworked so that it better fits the sound of the rest of the album. It was played live in 2021 in an even more funky version, with Andre Drage on drums. Other material like here that was used later is the bass line and some rhythm samples from "Anarki Apati" were recycled in "Tramadol i Sommersol" which was released on the album Ei Skive Med Kalde Joikakaker which was released in 2021. "Hansa Hymn" was originally recorded by Headcleaners under the title "Ex Oblivione".

1 Forvirring Og Strid 

2 Slukk Lyset 

3 Herren 

4 Down The Swanee 

5 Lovsang 

6 Kutt Opp Kutt Inn 

7 Hansa Hymne 

8 Chew Your Bubblegum

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