Famlende Forsøk - Ars Transmutatoria - 1990 – K-Z - NACD487

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FAMLENDE FORSØK – ARS TRANSMUTATORIA (1990) Pioneers in Norwegian industrial, electronic and experimental music. Started in 1981 by Lumpy Davy (Dave Jørgensen) and Brt (Robert Ommundsen), and in 1982 became ChrispH. (Hans Petter Ristøl) with. Ars Transmutatooria was released in 1990, and was only released on LP. Many believe that this is FF at its very best.

1 Demiourgos

2 Belzebub I Amerika

3 Hassan I Sabbah

4 Etter Nansen

5 Kold Eksperimentering

6 Hebhel

7 Spang Virr

8 Dyret Fra Moskva

9 Hårdhendt Redigering

10 Exit Kanon

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