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Imagine a HGVM where, for example, Todd Rundgren, Cheap Trick, Bowie and Meat Loaf interpret each other's deep cuts. Maybe Knopfler or Fagen will also stop by? An alcohol-fueled evening, without tabloid tears, but with enough life-weary sarcasm to power a private plane. Or at least a small yacht. The smoke and melancholy lie thick between the lava lamps and are broken only by the occasional fist-pumping on the occasion of radio programming, autotune artists and other signs of civilization's demise. This is cinematic, retrospective pop rock with analogue synths, warm guitars and drums that are solidly planted in a 70-80s sound. There are also small drops of westcoast and prog.

The band plays and sings: Odd Einar Nordheim (vocals), Odd Terje Kjørlaug (guitar/bass), Sturla Nøstvik (drums), Einar Torbjørnsen (keys), Endre Hareide Hallre (bass), Mona Veum Bækkelund (choir), Frid Brune Nordheim (choir), Kompen Kristoffersen (trombone), Børge-Are S. Halvorsen (saxophone), Alf Magne Hillestad (drums)

1 Witness Protection 2 Devil Takes Care 3 Radio Signals 4 King of All He Deserves 5 Hotel Illusion 6 YSLH 7 Driving With My Eyes Closed 8 The Caretaker

Bonus track 9 Song and Whisper

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