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Zone Tripper is originally a side project of Technomancer and behind both is Alyxx Digre from Mo I Rana. Alyxx moved to Sarpsborg in 2014 to get in touch with the electronic scene in Eastern Norway and in Oslo, and has released 1 album and 7 singles/EPs under the name Technomancer, as well as 4 albums and 3 EPs under the name Zone Tripper. The Zone Tripper album "The Call" from 2015 was groundbreaking early in the Norwegian context and Alyxx was probably the very first Norwegian artist to release a synthwave album. It's synthwave with strong space synth roots here, with Laser Dance, Koto, Proxyon and Hypnosis as the major sources of inspiration, but with an updated synthwave sound and a punch that few can match! The album has only been out digitally, and the title track "The Call" has just reached 600,000 streams on Spotify after a whole new generation of synthwave fans have discovered the song and the album, and the song is played fiercely in clubs and in gaming environments both in LA and in Mexico City , and really deserves a better fate than to be found only on digital platforms! The record was mastered by Martin Bowes at The Cage Studios. If, in addition to the above-mentioned artists, you also like Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Röyksopp, Moby, Biosphere and Jan Hammer, then this is a record for you!

1 Resurrection 1:59 2 The Call 5:39 3 Cyber ​​Dream 4:41 4 First Contact 5:41 5 Virtual Wasteland 4:15 6 Phaselock 5:44 7 X-Zone 5:39 8 Nova Spirits 4:53 9 The Call (Edit) 3:41 10 First Contact (Edit) 4:16 11 Voyager (Edit) 4:05 12 Lazer Love 4:31 13 Pushing Onward 4:10 14 The Streets

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