"Fairytales" (1st place)

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1st place in the Morgenbladet Top 100 Series.

Radka Toneff's distinctive voice and the album Fairytales are today an obvious reference for young singers in Norway. The album was recorded together with the pianist Steve Dobrogosz in 1982, just a few months before Radka Toneff took her own life, aged 30.

In terms of sound and music, Fairytales has gained a status of its own far beyond Norway's borders. It built a bridge between jazz and popular music, and was in many ways ahead of its time. Fredrik Wandrup portrays Toneff's vocal and lyrical role models and creates a vivid picture of her background, through folk music, rhythm and blues and jazz, all of which culminated in the masterpiece Fairytales.

Fredrik Wandrup (b. 1951) has been a journalist at Dagbladet since the mid-1970s, specializing in literature, music and film. He has published a number of books, most recently the novel "Black poker" (2006) and "Literature: Wandrup's choice: 333 book tips" (2008).

Author: Fredrik Wandrup

ISBN: 9788293039280 Release year: 2011
Format: 12 x 18 cm Sides: 144 Binding: The booklet Language: Bokmål

SKU: ISBN 9788293039280

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