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Gluecifer must be called Oslo's ultimate rock band. In 2000, they released their third album, Tender Is The Savage , a ten-song beast of an album that was meant to be their big breakthrough - both in Norway and abroad. The record definitely lifted the band up from the status of an underground band, but the road to success was rather bumpy at times. This is the story of the record that in many ways defines Gluecifer, told by those who were there when it happened.


Espen Nørvåg Slapgård has over 30 years behind him in the music industry, and is a lifelong rocker. He has written about music in one form or another for almost 15 years, i.a. as a journalist and editor in Metal Hammer Norway. When Tender Is The Savage was released, he worked with Gluecifer and saw large parts of the story from the sidelines.

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