Erik Bye - Gammel er min fjord - 70's - 1974 - NACD504

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ERIK BYE – GAMMEL ER MIN FJORD (1974)He was employed by NRK in 1958. Bye was involved in several of the early television programs in NRK, where he was known for his warmth and good humour. In 1958 he made his record debut on the Rondo record label with "Vandringsvise", which was the first of several recordings of Einar Skjæraasen's shows. When Brødrene Johnsen discontinued their gramophone record production in 1959, he got a contract with Philips. Vi går onboard was released in 1960. It was Erik Bye's first LP record as a solo artist. It would be six years before he released the record Erik Bye singer Skjæraasen , before he released the classic Jeg vet en vind in 1972. In 1974 Gammel er min fjord came out, which contained one of his greatest songs "Vår Herres Klinkekule"

1 En sang under skjorta er alt jeg har

2 Den gamle Odyssevs

3 Sigbjørnslåtten

4 Skip i stua

5 Portrett i januar

6 Venezuela

7 Gammel er min fjord

8 Vilborg og Olav-kongen

9 Vår Herres klinkekule

10 Olsen

11 Land and sky

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