Equinox - The Way To Go - 1990s - 90s/00/10/20s - NACD527

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EQUINOX – THE WAY TO GO (1990) Metal band from Fredrikstad. They became the first Norwegian metal band to get a record deal with a so-called major label. The band was formed in January 1987 by Skule (Skule Stene, bass), Grim (Grim Stene, guitar/vocals) and Raggen (Ragnar Westin, drums), all former Rebellion members. In 1988 they recruited Tommy Skarning as an additional guitarist. The band did a couple of demos in 1988 and 1989, before deciding to record Auf Widersehen on their own. The band barely had enough time to release the album before they were offered a record deal with BMG, who a short time later reissued Auf Wideresehen. The debut album was a great success for the band. The sequel The Way To Go also did the job for the band (20th place on the VG list).

1 Fine By Me

2 Inner Self

3 Peel

4 Godamadog

5 Quest for Four

6 Conveyor of Truth

7 Flower Power

8 What It Is Worth

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