Equinox - Auf Wiedersehen - 1989 - 80s - NACD493

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EQUINOX – AUF WIEDERSEHEN (1989) Equinox is a Norwegian thrash metal band from Fredrikstad that started in 1987. The first band members were Grim Stene (guitar/vocals), Ragnar 'Raggen' Westin (drums) and Skule Stene (bass guitar) who were all ex-Rebellion members. In 1988, Tommy Skarning joined as second guitarist. Norwegian thrash metal originated and reached its peak at the same moment, with Equinox's debut Auf Wiedersehen from 1989. Never later surpassed, never forgotten by those of us who were there, but musically historically undeservedly overshadowed by the chaos surrounding black metal soon after.

1 Stop!

2 Auf Wiedersehen

3 The King

4 Pharaoh Dance

5 Violins

6 The Floating Man

7 House Of Wonders

8 Realm Of Darkness

9 Dead By Dawn

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