Egil Eldøen - Egil Eldøen - 1988 – 80s - NACD363

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Egil Eldøen has garnered recognition as a vocalist within Norwegian pop, both on the basis of his role in Lava and for his solo career. Eldøen started his musical career in various dance bands in Bergen in the early 1970s and is one of the few Norwegian artists who is praised abroad for his English diction. During 1984, Eldøen collected a number of self-composed songs that did not fit into Lava, and these formed his first solo album, Welcome Into My Heart. Egil Eldøen was his third album and was released in 1989. It contained, among other things, the smash hit and the duet with randy Crawford “The Best Of Me”
1 The Best Of Me   
2 I'll Make It Up To You   
3 It's Alright    
4 Love Song    
5 Bodytalk    
6 Memories    
7 My Baby Loves Me    
8 Suspicious (Maybe I Am)    
9 Stranges In Love   
10 I Don't Want The Truth    
11 The Circles Unbroken  

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