Egil "Bop" Johansen - Samse Tak! ‎- 1976 – Jazz – NACD315

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Egil "Bop" Johansen (born 11 January 1934 in Oslo, died 4 December 1998 in Huddinge in Sweden) was a Swedish-Norwegian jazz musician (drummer), pedagogue, composer and arranger. Johansen died after falling over at a gig in Nyköping two days before - by which time he had been struggling for several years with heart problems. He was the father of the musician Jan Johansen. He was a dynamic and flexible percussionist and percussionist. He has played with most of Sweden's top musicians and a number of international musicians. He has taken part in many productions, both records and TV and radio programmes. His first own record release was the LP Samse tak (1977) where both Swedish and Norwegian musicians participated.


1 Samse Tak

2 Lapp-Nils

3 Jernbanevise

4 Pålevise Og Baksevise

5 Borevise 1

6 Borevise 2

7 Pålevise

8 Steinbaks

9 Stressvise

10 Rebus

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