Eddy Zoltan - Spelemannen - 1974 – Prog - NACD483

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The band existed for a period in the 70s, and made the record Spelemannen (1974) with a crew consisting of people from Gjøvik, Rjukan, Fyresdal and Budapest, i.a. the man who gave the group its name Eddy Zoltan Kiss on keyboards, a musician from Budapest with German and Austrian education. In 1974, the band got a contract with Talent Productions and the LP record Spelemannen caused justifiable attention. It was rare that rock was performed with lyrics in Nynorsk, and musically Eddy Zoltan was compared to Procol Harum, Traffic and early Jethro Tull. The lyrics were largely based on Norwegian folklore, in addition to a suitable dose of environmental protection and issues that were on the agenda in the mid-70s.

1 Vardøger

2 Reis vekk fra byen, Knut

3 Spelemannen

4 Skumring

5 Blues for Ole

6 Til mi dotter Anita

7 Mjuke dråpar

8 Eg er ein tjugeni

9 Tor med hammaren

10 Lille humle

11 Kjærleik til vår jord

12 Klipas

13 Kjære Johan

14 The Joker

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