Dynamo Forte - Gaven – 1983 – K-Z - NACD152

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Dynamo forte was previously called Paralgin Forte, before vocalist Arid Skancke-Knutsen only changed his name just before they were going to the Zink Samler collection. The band consisted of Eystein Eriksen (guitar), Jan Christian Nilsen (bass), Jens Jørgen Lanes (drums), Arvid Schanke Knutsen (vocals), Per Wintermark (guitar). A precursor to White Lord Jesus, Dynamo Forte plays slow, dramatic goth; singer Arvid Skancke-Knutsen excels as a perverted vampire.

1 Czary

2 Min pike

3 Lady of a Thousand Streets

4 Behind These Walls

5 Funhouse

6 Gjennom glasset

7 Der Vampir

8 Madonna nå

9 Gul to

10 Drømmer

11 The Change

12 Ensom runde

13 In The Castle

14 Bevegelser

15 Arvid's sang

16 Aquario Mecano (Natt)

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