Drama - Take it Away - 1987 - 80s - NACD340

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This pop band, or Norway's first boy band if you will, was formed in 1982 in Larvik by Per Kristian "Muffe" Indrehus (vocals, guitar), and Geir Olav "Gækki" Bøkestad (guitar), Thomas Siqveland (bass), Per Arne " Perry" Strandbakken (keyboards) and Gunnar "Stikka" Refsdal (drums). Four of the members turned fifteen the year the debut album was released, while Indrehus was all of seventeen. Not child stars, but not adult stars either. They played innocently charming melodic pop, with strong inspiration from the 60s. The music was written by them. Record company boss Audun Tylden was behind most of the lyrics, except for a couple that bassist Siqveland wrote for the debut album. Drama attracted some attention when the debut album was released in November 1982, but it was the follow-up High Time that the following year reached the highest on the VG-list, with a seventh place. Drama reunited in 1987 and recorded the album Take It Away, which sold gold. After the follow-up Escapades, which did not receive the same reception, the band was disbanded.

1 Hold On Me

2 Alina

3 Talkin' About It

4 Shouldn't Care

5 I Remember

6 I Found Out

7 Magic

8 Shades Of Torture

9 I Want You Now

10 Friend Of Mine

11  I'm Sorry

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