Diverse artister - Zink Zamler - 1982 – K-Z - NACD478

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The commemoration of Jesus' death and resurrection is fast approaching. Where the average Norwegian celebrates the events with skis, sweat and Jo Nesbø, certain groups prefer to commemorate our savior by listening to obscure Norwegian cassette music, and in that sense I am only doing my duty when I make available one of the most legendary cassettes in Norwegian music history, namely the legendary Zink Zamler.

The cassette movement emerged at the start of the 80s in Norway, mainly, one might think, because cassettes were cheap to produce and easy to distribute, which opened up a greater degree of self-management and which set the DIY spirit in full swing. Zink Zamler stood as one of the most important cassettes in this movement, not least because it was early on, in addition to the large number of artists, many of whom are familiar names to readers of the blog. The collector was published as a collaboration between the fanzine Zink and Likvidér Plater; If I'm not mistaken, the common denominator for both parties is Trygve Mathiesen, known from LiK and Ym:Stammen.

Zink was one of the more significant fanzines in Norway at the time, and consistently had higher than average quality. In that respect, the cassette followed up the quality, with good sound, a variety of exciting Norwegian bands, and some small and large names from abroad. As it is a long tape, there is an incredible amount to take down, and also a lot to write about. We open with Untitled by "B", better known as Bjørn Pettersen, bassist in Garden of Delight and Kraftensemblet. The song is a long, Bauhaus-like dub groove, driven by a repeating bass line and chaotic sound effects. A precursor to White Lord Jesus, Dynamo Forte plays slow, dramatic goth; singer Arvid Skancke-Knutsen excels as a perverted vampire. Personal favorite Babij Jar serves up his definitely weirdest song: Anvil of Victory is built on a casio(?) rhythm and droning, half-acid synths, synthetic explosions and a repetitive bass line, over which the guitar spins exotic, buried melodies, all while Paul Værlien sings melancholic something that is impossible to hear. Placing the song between Ice Age and The Night Before doesn't quite make sense, but the song is probably a demo, and gives an insight into the band's range. Montage shows itself with the sound collage From Quasimodo to the Grünewald and Back Again, where Helge Gaarder and Erik Aasheim play with sounds, silence and the deep piano keys. Thanasis Zlatanos appears under the Nekropolis name, and Dialogos in reality sounds like scorched earth, dead cows and a swarm of flies. Morten Munk's Glade Dager, alias Lister, presents a recognizable Listerian textural play. Brød & Sirkus serve wonderful post-punk with slap bass, and remind a little of Josef K. When Love Just Walks Away by the southern band Headcleaners is a fantastic pop song, driven by rhythm boxes and dramatic synths. Voldsom Kjærlighet gives a poetry reading, as does SM, where punk poet Gene Dalby makes an appearance. Trygve Mathiesen himself makes an appearance at Farger av "I Angst", a band that stands as the link between LiK and Ym:Stammen. It sounds fragmented, driven by an insistent rhythm and clattering sounds. Finally, we find Ulf Knudsen with Barndommens Høstland, which is just as effective here as on the cassette Istanbul.

Many thanks to the blog http://keineangstmusik.blogspot.com

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1 "B" Utitlet

2 Dynamo Forte – Der Vampir

3 Babij Jar – Anvil Of Victory

4 Portion Control – Terror Leads To Better Dubs (Party Mix)

5 Modul 5 – From Quasimodo To The Grünewald And Back Again

6 Nekropolis – Dialogos

7 Morten Munk's Glade Dager – Pen Er Stygg

8 Children Of Kunta Kinte – Misubajuloo

9 Brød & Sirkus – La Dolce Vita

10 The Headcleaners – When Love Just Walks Away

11 Eyeless In Gaza – Veil

12 Voldsom Kjærlighet – Ned Blandt Heltene

13 Den Tredje Generasjon – 090863

14 Portion Control – The Pressure Is High

15 Les Fauves – Hollowhead

16 SM – Yakiguni (Snølandet)

17 Pre – Waits For Jacuzzi

18 "I Angst" – Farger

19 Apati – Intensjoner

20 Ulf Knudsen – Barndommens Høstland

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