Diverse artister - Vise- og lyrikkfestivalen Haugesund 72 – 1972 – Folk music - NACD370

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The Folk & Lyric Festival in Haugesund was established by the Vise club Forum in 1970, precisely at the time when the Vise wave swept across the country. Already the first festival was visited by our leading singers and lyricists, but the festivals in 1971 and 1972, which were also the last, really attracted attention. This year's festival had 18,000 in the audience. Almost all Norwegian vice artists, groups and bands of importance took part in the event. In addition, a number of jazz musicians. A double LP was released from this year's festival. NRK's ​​Kalle Fürst also recorded from this festival. In addition to the concerts in the circus tent and in the jazz pub, there were also folk song, song and rock concerts from two open-air stages, as well as a free concert from the music pavilion in the city park. However, there were problems with alcohol, and there were also some of the venue's ramp who cut a couple of bar dunes to the concert tent, so that it was close to spoiling the last day of the concert. It is also alleged that this was the summer when illegal drugs came to Haugesund


1 Svein Tang Wa – Velkommen Til Haugesund

2 Tor Åge Bringsværd – Hud
3 Anne May Skagmo – Christopher Robin

4 Anne May Skagmo – Mami, Mami

5 Ketil Bjørnstad – Møte Deg

6 Ketil Bjørnstad – Piece Of Mind

7 Lars Klevstrand – Rapport

8 Lars Klevstrand – Vise Om Kinabarna

9 Lars Klevstrand og Lillebjørn Nilsen – Flaggene

10 Lillebjørn Nilsen – Presentasjon

11 Lillebjørn Nilsen– Birkelandsvisa

12 Lillebjørn Nilsen– Gategutt

13 Lillebjørn Nilsen og Lars Klevstrand – Sangen Om Ditt Liv

14 Olav H. Hauge – Slegga

15 Olav H. Hauge – Sagi

16 Olav H. Hauge – Katten

17 Olav H. Hauge – I Dag Såg Eg

18 Olav H. Hauge – Pil Og Kule

19 Olav H. Hauge – Dikt I Dag

20 Tobben og Ero – The Boxer

21 Harald Sverdrup – Øvelser I Hjemlig Diskriminering


1 Herr T. og Hans Spälman – Skojare

2 Herr T. og Hans Spälman – Takt

3 Herr T. Og Hans Spälman – Vise Fra Leksand

4 Terje E. Johannessen – Siste Dags Talen

5 Knutsen & Ludvigsen – Lulu

6 Knutsen & Ludvigsen – Med Småfregner På

7 Tor Obrestad – Søndagsmorgen Over Suldalsvatnet

8 PS Gruppa – Trikkevisa

9 Bernt Staf – Ute På Drift

10 Bernt Staf – Färg, Ton Och Ord

11 Ole Paus – Du Kaller Det Vakker

12 Garman – Harde Tider

13 Ole Paus Og Garman – Flyvise

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