Difference - Difference - 1974 – Prog – NACD161

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Difference was a rock band from Trønderlag that was started in 1966. The band played prog-inspired psychedelic rock with a lot of use of organ inspired by Procol Harum. The group disbanded in 1969, but played together again from 1974 to 1980. The band consisted of: Tore Johansen (vocals), Ivar Gafseth (organ, vocals), Erling Mylius (bass, vocals), Stein Olsen (guitar, vocals) and Knut Solem (drums).


1 Tree of Love

2 Henry Jones

3 Sweet Sounds Everywhere

4 One Little Chance

5 You

6 Ballad of a Broken Heart

7 Happiness

8 Last Ditch (instrumental)

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