Det elektriske kjøkken - Konkret rock – 1980 – Punk/New wave – NACD227

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Det Elektriske Kjøkken was an experimental rock group from Trondheim. The band name was intended to vary; the variants were Det Elektriske Kjøkken, Jehovas Vitner, Elektriske Vitner, Lidende Ungdom and Ensomme Kyr, where adjectives and nouns were supposed to be combined freely. A demo cassette is circulating with the band name Elektriske Vitner, and on Kraftrock the band is listed as Jehovah's Witnesses, but mostly the band name Det Elektriske Kjøkken is used. Members were Sven Erga, Ragnar Wold, Lister and Knut Erik Misvær, the latter giving up after the first own release. The obscure musician Bern Balders appears on two songs on cassette 79-82; he is otherwise best known for the single "The Alter-Ego Effect/My Spy-Event", which sells for three-digit dollar amounts among international synth music collectors. Musically, Det Elektriske Kjøkken was rooted in punk, but gained a distinctive form of expression early on, and especially on Elefantene er kommen, the music was at times very experimental. In terms of lyrics, the band also had a very distinctive, partly surreal approach. Tempelbrenner'n from Konkret Rock is an instrumental song inspired by the novel "Den Gyldne Paviljongs Tempel" by Yukio Mishima, about the monk who burned Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto, Japan. Det Elektriske Kjøkken released their records on the label Oh Yeah!, which they had created themselves.


1 Elefantenes inntogsmarsj I

2 Fra et Jehovas Vitne

3 Jeg er den snille korgutten

4 Textmusikk

5 Tarzan

6 Konkret rock

7 Tempelbrenner'n

8 Elefantenes inntogsmarsj II

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