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Veslefrikk - Veslefrikk When Veslefrikk made their album debut in 1978 on the record label Mai, it was almost like a left-wing supergroup. Frank B. Olsen had played drums for Vømmøl Spellmannslag and the successor Arbeidslaget. Per Vestaby had played bass in the political heavy rock band Bazar. Hege Rimestad was the fiddler from Amtmandens Døtre, who left a strong mark in the year of women in 1975. But perhaps the most important band member was an unknown, 21-year-old backup singer from Lillestrøm, Anne Grete Preus. The sixty-eight behind Mai wanted to bet on Veslefrikk to appeal to a new generation of rebels. Behind this commitment lay the AKP(ml)'s youth campaign, which lasted from 1977-1979. However, Veslefrikk was never an ml project, and left after the debut Mai in favor of RCA. The book about the Veslefrikk LP will be a fascinating story about music that was created at the crossroads between the 70s and 80s, between two different youth generations, and between artists and record companies.


Dag F. Gravem has been active as a musician, translator and writer in the fields of language, comics and music. In 2004, he wrote his main thesis in history about the record company Mai and the radical music movement of the 70s. This book will be the first time he has had the opportunity to explore one of Mai's more than 73 LP releases in detail.

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