Dag Brandth - Tranquility - 1988 - 80s - NACD392

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Dag Brandth was the vocalist in Shatoo, a band from Asker og Halden who made their album debut with the record A True Story when they were 15-17 years old. After the album Life in 1988 the band disbanded, but Dag Brandth released his first solo album later that year. Already ahead of this, Dag had started planning a new career - as a solo artist. He had Shatoo's label Sharatima Records and manager Lars Høel behind him. At first he worked with the British producer M. Guy Fletcher. Together with Fletcher, Dag wrote the songs, i.a. "One Night Love" and "Starlight" which were released together as a single. "Starlight" was a low-key acoustic song, which did not resemble what Dag had done with Shatoo just before. It was on Norsktoppen on NRK radio for 5 weeks, with 3rd place as the best position. Tranquility was recorded at Stonewall Studio, in England.

1 One Night Love

2 There's Nothing Wrong With Our Love 

3 No Doubt About It

4 Do You Wanna Make Love?

5 We're Gonna Make It To The Top

6 Boys And Girls Of Earth

7 Here And Now

8 Where Are You?

9 Feel

10 Starlight

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