Creation - Jungle Rhythms - 1986 - 80's - NACD171

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Drama managed to release two albums, Breaking Away in 1982 and High Time in 1983, before Indrehus and Bøkestad chose to start as a duo. The two wanted to continue using the Drama name, but lost, so they started Creation, while the remaining members of Drama became New Drama. They released three studio albums and one compilation album. Jungle Rhythms was their third album, a two-part concept album, recorded in Sweden.


Prayers for a Lost World 

1 Recreation

2 Sharatima

3 Visions of Sharatima

4 Charsms and Glossolalia

5 Dream Into Heaven

6 The Climax» «Heaven (part II)

Harmonica 1-2-3 

7 Feel Like a Stranger

8 The Power

9 War (a World of Tragedies)

10 Watching the Sun

11 Chinatown

12 Move a Little Closer

13 Hey Hey

14 What Will the Stars Tell Tonight

15 Human Right

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