Creation - Blue Sky - 1985 - 80's - NACD114

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Creation was a short-lived Norwegian pop duo from Larvik. The duo was started in 1984 when the band Drama disbanded after they released their music album High Time in 1983. Per Kristian Indrehus and Geir Olav Bøkestad started Creation, and the other four in Drama continued under the name New Drama. They released three studio albums and one compilation album. Their second album Blue Sky came in 1985 and here they had a star team with them including Marius Müller and Ole Edvart Antonsen were listed as musicians. In 1987 the band disbanded when Drama reunited. They attempted a revival of the band ten years later, and a new album was begun. The album was never released and the duo gave up on the project.

1 Don't Give It Up

2 Run Away

3 I'm Going Up

4 Candle of Life

5 Beach Song

6 Blue Sky

7 Another Train

8 Dream of Tomorrow

9 After the Rain

10 Laws

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