"Crazy Cryin' Blues"

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The idea for this book arose when Lia studied American women's history and through her work discovered that the first blues women were the dominant ones within the genre. They were self-reliant and independent at a time when discrimination against the black population was common. Their blues lyrics were of great importance as inspiration for other black women. Subsequently, through extensive studies, she has immersed herself in the history of the blues, as it has appeared for female artists. Her involvement on behalf of the female blues artists has previously been exposed in lectures, including during the Notodden Blues Festival.

Lia was born and raised in the blues town of Notodden and has followed the Notodden Blues Festival from the beginning. In working on the book, she made a trip to the United States in search of blues women and people who were close to them. She has sought out the sources, experienced the blues milieu as they are today and searched in crazy archives to learn as much as possible about as many of those who are today called female blues pioneers. Norwegian blues is also included. The most central Norwegian blues women are discussed in the book.

Crazy Cryin’ Blues – Tett på bluesens kvinner is not only aimed at music-loving readers. Just as much, the book depicts the artists' living conditions, the society they lived in and their communication of joy, sorrow, pain and loss through text and music.

Author: Hilde Beate Lia

ISBN: 9788293039570 Publication year: 2015
Format: 20.5 x 23.5 cm Pages: 264 Binding: Hard cover Language: Bokmål

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