Claudia / Big Hand / Casino - Will the Circle Be Unbroken - 1983 – Country/blues - NACD083

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Country trio formed in 1983 by three experienced and prominent artists: Claudia Scott (vocals), Ottar "Big Hand" Johansen (vocals, guitar) and Casino Steel (vocals). A kind of "the good, the bad & the ugly" within Norwegian country music. During a short and hectic career, the trio managed to make three albums, capture a Spellemannpris and increase Norwegians' understanding of quality country. They were three different personalities with very different singing voices (and singing expressions) that somehow worked well together. Claudia – daughter of Clive Scott – had the beautiful voice and calm expression. Big Hand was the robust, fatherly figure with power and poise. Casino was the rampage boy who, with his rough singing voice, charmed more than he impressed. The trio's debut album Will The Circle Be Unbroken (1983) consisted mainly of cover songs and purchased material, with the exception of three tracks. The title cut was the natural highlight; the old country classic of The Carter Family cemented the credible country style that the trio would pursue. The backing band consisted of a number of ring foxes who were named the Country Star Team.

1 Cajun Invitation

2 Hey Captain

3 You've Come a Long Way Baby

4 Ragged Old Trucks

5 Casino's Prayer

6 Ode to Nashville

7 Will the Cirlce Be Unbroken

8 The Fire of Two Old Flames

9 (I Don't Want No Stranger's) Footsteps in My Bedroom»

10 Trouble Again

11 Swingin' Door Again

12 Women and Whiskey

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