Christer Bakke Andresen // Wilderness (2003) / NFKBOK004

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The time before Villmark was the time before Norwegian horror films. Previous attempts in the genre had not led to any national tradition, but director Pål Øie changed this with his debut film in 2003. The book focuses on the national breakthrough film Villmark and also sheds light on Pål Øie's work as a whole, through films such as the horror film Skjult , the disaster film Tunnelen , and the historical drama Astrup – the flame over Jølster . Pål Øie is one of the most important directors in Norwegian film, not only because he founded our modern horror tradition, but because his films deal with the mysterious sides of Norway: the dark shadows that lurk in water, forests and mountains. Villmark is not just a horror film, but a ground-breaking Norwegian horror film.

Christer Bakke Andresen is an associate professor in film studies at NTNU with a doctorate in horror film, and published the book Norwegian Nightmares: The Horror Cinema of a Nordic Country in 2022. He is also responsible for film genres in Store norske lexikon, and has released five albums with the heavy rock band Chaldean.

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