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In 1980, Tone Christine Senstad released the single "Mark My Words". Senstad had been involved in Oslo's emerging punk scene in the late 70s, where she helped start the Safety Pin club, which was one of Norway's first punk clubs. She met prog rocker Thore Engen, who since the early 70s had played in Lucifer Was and later in Sire in a team with, among others, Igor Kill. In 1979, he and the Englishman Charles Forbes (ex Neptune's' Empire) teamed up, and Chrissy was a fact. The duo became her songwriters, producers and management.

On the LP you can find the hit single "Mark My Words", and the reviewers drew parallels to Blondie. In 1980, the song "Europatoppen" topped NRK and "European Radio Pop Jury" abroad. The victory led to the single being released in countries such as Spain, Sweden and Germany and has sold over 500,000 copies. The LP was also released in Sweden and Italy and has never been released on CD.

1 Mark My Words

2 Billy

3 Play The Game

4 Pictures

5 Waiting For You

6 Saturday Night

7 Superstars

8 The New Pop

9 Come On

10 Backstage Queen

11 Jump

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