Chris Erichsens Orkester - Hold Meg Fast - 1989 - 80s – NACD338

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Chris Erichsen is a musician, journalist, short film maker, stage artist and editor. He has released records with The Aller Værste!, Løver og Tigre and Ratataboo!, as well as as a solo artist. Hold me firmly is Erichsen's first solo album. He released the EP Eplepaien, Amerika og Gud (1983), where he was responsible for lyrics, vocals, guitar playing and production on the four songs. Sverre Knudsen assisted on bass, just as Bulle did on drums. In 1985 he started his own Chris Erichsen's Orchestra. An early edition of the band consisted, in addition to Erichsen on vocals and guitar, of Ketil Kern (drums), Per Platou (accordion, organ) and Ole Petter Foss (guitar). In 1987, they released the single "Vokse og bli stor"/"Spinn spinn spinn". Like other post-TAV! constellations from the mid-80s onwards, Chris Erichsen's Orkester moved away from art rock and post-punk, and towards pop and rock in a more traditional sense. The line-ups in the orchestra changed a lot, and over twenty musicians took part in the LP Hold meg fast (1989). When the album came out, the core of the band consisted of Erichsen, Espen Mindrebø (drums), Ola Sørlie (guitar), Geir Bremer Øvrebø (keyboards) and Jon Esben Johnsen (bass). Chris Erichsen's Orchestra was disbanded in January 1991.

1 Skritt

2 Blå linjer

3 Vuggesang

4 Prinsesse fra Lykkeland

5 Så rart

6 Spinn spinn spinn

7 Noen går i gatene

8 Vannmann og månemann

9 Jeg hadde tenkt

10 Hold meg fast

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