Can Can - En lek i forhold – 1984 – 80s - NACD489

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Rock band formed in the spring of 1983 by Anne Grete Preus (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Per Vestaby (bass, keyboards) - after their previous band Veslefrikk had disbanded the year before - as well as Erik Østby (guitar) and Øyvind Hansen (drums) - a former undescribed leaf. The intention behind the new band was, according to Preus, to create music that was built up as a sound-wise whole, and not according to the usual, melodic recipe with verse and chorus. The lyrics were supposed to act as mood pictures for the music. This crew recorded all the music used in the 1984 film Snart 17. Jørn Christensen (De Press) took over as guitarist in October. He actually had more than enough to do in the newly started Cirkus Modern, but was still willing to be a member of both bands at the same time. On 24 January 1984, Can Can debuted on Norwegian TV with "Oppenheimer" and "Våt". Later in the spring, "Oppenheimer" and "Tango" were released as singles by the Swedish company Transmission, through a newly established Norwegian division. "Tango" received the most attention and the most radio airplay, and was also the highlight of the album En lek i fråd - released in September 1984 and produced by Harald Are Lund. A game in comparison, Spellemann won in the rock class ahead of Åge Aleksandersen's Levva Livet!

1 Blankt Hav

2 Oppenheimer

3 Lyset Brenner

4 Rødt Lys

5 Med Åpne Øyne

6 Rop

7 Magneten

8 Sorte Lyspærer

9 Tango

10 Våt

11 Maling Og Kritt

12 Natt Og Dag

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