Bronx - Midnight Queen - 1982 - 80's - NACD330

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Bronx was part of Norwegian hard rock's infancy and only managed to record one album in 1982 before his career was over. They started in 1980 with the brothers Espen and Pål Skoglund, and after a number of replacements they ended up with this competent group: Olaf Dønnum, Jon Ola Sand, Pål Skoglund, Espen Skoglund and Derek A. Harbour. The album was produced by Trond Borge and recorded at Bel Studio in Oslo. The band was dogged by mishaps, everything from delays due to poor finances at the record company, threats of legal action and a missing vocalist who had to be searched for through VG and Dagbladet. The record finally came out after the band had to borrow money to afford reprints.

1 The One In The Back

2 Boozer

3 Midnight Queen

4 Promises

5 Night In The City

6 This Might Be Your Night

7 You Never Learn

8 Fox Street

9 On My Way

10 Ain´t Easy

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