Brødrene Thue - Brødrene Thue - 1975 – 70s – NACD217

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The Thue brothers were a reunion and extension of Saft, and originally intended to be a parody of the typical dance band. They debuted with "Heia Brann", but when their first album came out, they debuted with both Norwegian and English lyrics, and with music that had more in common with Saft than dance bands. The record also showed how inspired the group (especially Trygve Thue) was by the song harmonies of the Beach Boys. Trygve also produced the record.


1 Fem På Tolv

2 I Dreamed I Was In Heaven

3 Vi To

4 Growing Up

5 I Vår Grønne Jord

6 Kosygin (My Russian Guitar)

7 Lisa

8 Ryk Og Reis

9 Living Is Easy

10 Din Song

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