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Broadway News was a pop group from Oslo that was started around 1978. Vocalist at the start was Mikkel Magnus. Already in 1979, he said goodbye and was replaced by Lage Fosheim as the new vocalist and lyricist. Broadway News appeared as a band, consisting of Lage Fosheim, Steinar Engdal, Trond Ødegård, Torstein Bieler, Tommy Aaslie and Jan Erik Løken in addition to dancers: Maiken Nielsen, Kirsti Dahl and Gry Sandland. Broadway News drew full houses across the country with their new wave-inspired symphonic rock and choreographed stage show, not unlike the American band The Tubes. In 1981, the group disbanded, but Fosheim started it all again with a new line-up: Bjørn Kristensen, Bengt Olsson, Eivind Rølles, Kjell Trøsvik and Kjetil Rindal. Now Fosheim wanted to try out new musical ideas using Latin American rhythms. In September, the first result was available in the form of the single "Morgenda'n er vår"/"Se på meg" - a taste of the album Banco. Broadway News finally disbanded in 1982, after three albums.

1 Lilly

2 Rio

3 Kjærlighetens tilskuer

4 Hold deg frisk

5 Se på meg

6 Dronningens reise

7 Oppbrudd

8 Joggefeber

9 Skal snart komme hjem

10 N.Y. Oslo

11 Manuella

12 Ensomhetens hus

13 Tango romodysée

14 Morgenda'n er vår

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