Britt Langlie - Britt Langlie in "Piaf" - 1981 - 80's - NACD532

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BRITT LANGLIE – BRITT LANGLIE I “PIAF” (1981) Britt Langlie is best known from the role of Josefine in the theater production and the film Bør Børson Jr. (1974) and from the role of Edith Piaf in the theater production Piaf in 1980. After the musical debut in Spelemann på taket in 1967, great musical successes followed in the 1970s in Bør Børson jr. (also film) and Ungen (also film). She had her big breakthrough on stage in 1980 as Edith Piaf in the production Piaf . The piece was also filmed and broadcast on NRK-TV the following year. The album was released in 1981. Piaf is considered one of the theater's greatest successes ever.

1 Kjærleikens Ord2 Framand By

3 Dragspelaren

4 Her Og No

5 Som Eg Drøymer

6 Milord

7 Minnest For Vel

8 Bravo For Klovnen

9 I Hamburg

10 Hymne Til Kjærlæiken

11 Tre Klokker

12 Bøn

13 Er Kjærleik Verd Ein Song

14 Angrar Ingenting

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