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The band was formed in 1980, and had its basis in the band Skabb. The members - Tony Valberg, Asbjørn Eidem, Jørgen Wennesland, June Hermansen, Bjørn Ole Rasch and Sven Arne Petterson - moved away from punk and early post-punk in favor of more complex (and sensitive) bands such as Ultravox and Talk Talk, and noted by being exceedingly competent. The band had their first released song on a compilation album from Kristiansand's rock scene in 1981 (with Lily & the Gigolos, among others), but then spent three years getting something further done. The single 20 Golden Lies appeared in 1984, and the LP Talking to the Moon followed the following year. In the latter year, Boys Voice also participated in the compilation LP Sammen for Lifet, and thus possibly became a little more known outside southern Norway. The debut LP was received reasonably well, and the band received praise for complex arrangements, Valberg's Mark Hollis-esque voice and generally that a Norwegian band had produced a reasonably good record. After this, little happened, and the band disbanded in 1989. (borrowed from the blog )


1 Healing Broken Hearts 

2 Steps Into The Dark 

3 Love In The Land Of Dragons 

4 Let's Stop Kissing 

5 Talking To The Moon 

6 You Came Too Strong 

7 The Frame 

8 To The Moon 

9 Voices 

10 Shine Your Light

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