Boastein – Jeg Har Min Egen Luke - 1977 - 70s- NACD030

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Boastein's two albums are a holy grail in alternative music here at home. This is home-made rock from the anarchist basement, with a soundscape and some lyrics that have hardly been heard before. I have my own hatch was crowdfunded in less than a week, and now it is ready for "the most famous" of Boastein's two albums. Free and progressive underground rock with black humor, political sting and bizarre whimsy are the key words, once again. The record first came out in 1980, but has never been on CD.


1 Den Brune Skuta

2 Veien Til Voss 1

3 Helium

4 En Gresk Western

5 En Mann Gikk I Land

6 Kabul

7 Khomeini's Visjon

8 Stepping Ødis

9 Suzy & Johnny

10 Seismologisk Kollaps

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