"Blissard" Limited (25th place)

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25th place in the Morgenbladet Top 100 series.

This book became a mammoth of a tribute to Johan's favorite Norwegian album of all time. It was released in the usual way in the same series as the eleven other books. 12 x 18 cm in the booklet pocket, but in good Motorpsycho spirit, it came in hardcover, signed by Johan Harstad himself in 980 copies. The book was crowdfunded on NewJelly.com, and the cover was designed by Harstad's own design agency LACTR and was sold in a few selected stores in Oslo and Trondheim.

In the autumn of 2011, Morgenbladet and Falck forlag put together a representative selection of Norwegian recording artists, and let this music-Norway in miniature vote for their favorite Norwegian records. The result was a list of a hundred records, and each of the top ten was honored with a separate book. Motorpsychos Blissard was number 25 on the list.

Blissard changed Johan Harstad's life. In this book we get the smell, the sound and the feeling of the Nineties Motorpsycho's fifth album hit, and experience the subsequent tremors together with the author. On the other side, Harstad documents in detail the history of Motorpsycho up to 1996, the recording in the Atlantis studio, the inspiration and trials.

In the best Motorpsycho fashion, the author also offers something extra: The massive footnote section constitutes a separate universe of technical details, obscure info and cultural references. Welcome, step inside.

The book won the Oslo prize in 2013 in Natt&Dag's annual selection of the year's best book.

Johan Harstad (b. 1979) has written novels, short stories and drama since his debut in 2001. He has won several literary awards, including the Brage Prize in 2008. Harstad's books have been translated into 16 languages.

Author: Johan Harstad

ISBN: 9788293039327 Release year: 2012
Format: 12 x 18 cm Sides: 330 Binding: Hardcover with dust cover Language: English

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