Blind Date - Dangers of love - 1984 - 80's - NACD167

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Started in Bergen in 1982 by guitarist and singer Svein Hovland, after the trio Gæmnslag disbanded the same year. With him he got Pytten (Eirik Hundvin) on bass (Tornerose), Magnar Torstad on drums (Allison) and guitarist Leiv Tungesvik (Gjennomslag). During the recording of the debut album Don't Talk the latter was replaced by Malcolm Little (guitar/synth). Even before the release of the debut record, the band was mentioned in panegyrics in certain parts of the music press and held up as Norwegian rock's hope and salvation. The band opted for a kind of "adult", commercial pop rock - not so dissimilar to what Japan was doing at the time - with English lyrics. Ahead of the second album Dangers Of Love, Magnar Torstad was replaced by Rolf Wingsternes on drums. The album received good reviews, but the band disbanded shortly after. The title track was a big hit.


1 Something Special

2 Under the Moonlight

3 Dangers of Love

4 Two Hearts

5 Giving Up Sex

6 Second Time

7 Don't Stop Believing

8 In the Swing

9 Work It Out

10 Warden of Love

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