Blaupunkt Blaupunkt - 1982 - Punk/new wave NACD011

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Blaupunkt was a Norwegian nyveiv band that existed between 1978 and 1982. The band was originally founded under the name Ski Patrol, but changed its name to Blaupunkt. The band consisted of Kåre Berntzen and Harald Haakstad (guitar), Bjørn Rølla (bass), Tone Rønning (vocalist) and Ola Snortheim (drums). Snortheim quit to bet on De Press, and was replaced by Gunnar Hanslien. In 1981 came the self-titled debut album Blaupunkt . The band did not stand behind contemporary bands, but achieved neither the same success nor the same reputation as bands such as Kjøtt, The Aller Værste!, De Press or The Cut. Blaupunkt has never before been released on CD.

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