Bjørn Christiansen - BC - 1979 - 70s - NACD033

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BJØRN CHRISTIANSEN – BC (1979) (going into the 70s)
Bjørn is a guitarist, vocalist, composer and producer from Oslo. A prominent and highly respected musician who helped shape Norwegian rock in the 70s. Christiansen (whose name is actually written Kristiansen) is best known for his time with Aunt Mary, where he was a member from the start in 1969 until the dissolution in 1973. He has also participated in all reunions of the group.

After Aunt Mary, Christiansen played with the George Keller Band and Alex, before making his debut as a solo artist in 1979. He made two records under his own name, both with American-inspired fusion rock, with strong elements from both jazz, funk and blues. On "BC" (1979), Christiansen was accompanied by Brynjulf ​​Blix (keyboards, from the Alex band), Matz Nilsson (bass) and Niels Nordin (drums), and from this record "Champagne Lady" was released as a single. Someone said Steely Dan in Norwegian. Find out for yourself.

1 Champagne Lady

2 No Chopsticks

3 No Place To Go

4 Clip Joint

5 I've Got News For You

6 Deuces Wild

7 Listen To The Radio

8 To The Woman I Love

9 Back Street Corner

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