Bjølsen Valsemølle - På ørnevinger - 1986 – 80s – NACD112

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The Oslo group Bjølsen Valsemølle started as Samvirkelaget in the 70s, before they changed their name. There have been around 30 members in the band, but the frontman Trond Ingebretsen has been there from day one. The debut album Fem på midnatt was released in 1982 and produced by Åge Aleksandersen, while in 1986 they released the album På ørnevinger, where i.a. Marius Müller plays guitar. It contains the epic «Vinterland» and the title track, which reigned supreme on Norsktoppen. Springsteen meets Ulf Lundell was the verdict when the record was about. If 150 people are interested in pre-ordering the album, it will now also be available on CD for the first time.


1 På ørnevinger

2 Fremmed på veien

3 Så lenge jeg lever

4 Angrep ved daggry

5 Dans søster dans

6 Den mellomamerikanske ekspress

7 For fulle seil

8 Engel i svart

9 Evige jaktmarker

10 Vinterland

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