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The Larviks guys in Drama were only 14-16 years old when they broke through with a bang with the song "Daydreamer" in Halvsju in the spring of 1982. The single spent a full 14 weeks on Ti i skudset, and the debut album Breaking Away made a strong impression when it arrived in October of the same year. There were many pundits who had their doubts that it was the boys themselves who had composed, arranged and played on all the songs. The Beatles references were loose, which would also be appropriate for the mania that awaited the guys. Drama (and Creation) was to become one of the strongest symbols of the Norwegian 80s, but in retrospect the songs and music remain as something bigger than just the soundtrack to a phenomenon. Several of the guys were top-class songwriters, and the Beatles-inspired West Coast pop on their debut albums still holds up well. Rebook Breaking Away becomes the book about the start of the big daydream, about a young very musical group of friends who wanted to experience what they had seen in A Hard Day's Night . There will be a high reminiscence factor here, and the Drama guys themselves are ready to offer the good stories!

Bjarne Laastad has been a communicator for 25 years, and has, among other things, been responsible for press for music programs such as Idol, X Factor and Hver gang vi metøs on TV 2. Today he works in a communications agency, and spends much of his time writing. Bjarne is a real music geek, and quite possibly Norway's biggest expert on Drama and Creation. First in an alley, now in full public view. He knows both the story and the guys well after many a damp reminiscence evening in Larvik, and together with John Berge he has written the liner notes for all the Drama and Creation releases from Norwegian album classics on CD. Now Bjarne will be able to use his Drama knowledge and writing skills to write about the very first album he bought with his own money as a 9-year-old; Drama's debut album Breaking Away .

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